Julia Devine Frequently Asked Questions

Q: This is my first time, is that OK?

Whether this is your 40th time, or first, for me that is not an issue at all. To refresh your memory with typical courtesan protocols, familiarize yourself with everything on this site because all you need to know is here. I will help you relax, and unwind and you are free to ask me any questions to put your mind at ease. One hour into our date, and I assure you, you will feel like we have known each other for quite some time.

Q: I have questions, lots of them.

Although I do not mind questions, please make sure to ask all of your questions within the first 1-2 emails and make sure your questions are added onto some information about yourself along with your desired date and time for a rendezvous. I expect that a potential client that is messaging me for the first time, has already done prior research to determine if seeing me would be a suitable match for all of his desires. The Erotic Review is a place where most questions will be answered by reviewing my profile

Please also review my calendar to check my availability and tour dates before messaging me.

Q: I Have a concert or a trip, I'd like to invite you to, and just pay for your expenses?

I would love to accomany you to any trip, concert, lunch idea you may have for us. However, the same hourly rates apply to any of these ideas. My rates are never based on what activities we do, they are always based on time. Please provide info in regards to how long you would like to book me for, and I will be sure to tell you the correct donation amount. I do offer prepaid via paypal discounts.

Q: I'm going to Dubai next month, can I book you to travel overseas?

I'd love to accompany you both for domestic trips and across the globe with 1 week  notice as a minimum. Traveling globally to be by your side is my favourite part of being a courtesan. The cost will be the base rate for the trip, plus airfare. To make myself available to you, a  25% non-refundable deposit is required for travel outside of the La/Orange County/San Diego area prior to your reservation being confirmed as well as the cost of the airfare.  With this, I will book all of my own travel accommodations. 

Q: What is your perfect Client/experience?

  • My perfect client would be someone who knows a few days  in advance his desired date and time to see me.  He has already found out all there is to know about me by checking out my reviews and website. 
  • His emails reflect his high level of intelligence and manners. He provides all required screeening info upon initially contacting me, making booking a date a breeze. He books a longer date to provide optimal time to wine dine and cuddle. 
  • When we meet, he is freshly showered , well groomed, with minty breath.
  • He may provide a gift off of my suggested list, or his gift is in his polite,chivalrous  mannerism.
  • Out and about, he most likely enjoys public displays of affection, and either way, he absolutely can't keep his hands off of me in private.
  • He loves the conversational aspects of diving deeper into all aspects of intimacy, almost as much as the physical intimacy. He is Sapiosexual, as I am, and we just mesh well.

Q: How much notice do you need?

A rule of thumb, is the more notice the better. Because of the time it takes to properly prepare myself for our platinum encounter, same day availability is rare although not impossible. I prefer 24 hours notice for all appointments. I do not do last minute appointments for first time clients.

Q: How can I give you your donation or deposit? Can I pay in advance?

Some dates require a 25% deposit, dependent upon duration and location. Donations are accepted in person (cash only) or pre payments through CreditCard/Paypal. Any full pre-payments  will receive a small discount dependent upon the type of package booked. For an outcall to you, I ask that you leave the donation in an unsealed envelope in the restroom of our accomodations. I will excuse myself to the restroom to retrieve it. If you see me at my incall location, please leave the donation in plain site on a nightstand or counter.  If meeting in public, please discretly hand  me the donation within ten minutes of our  date commencing.

Q: Can I call you?

For initial communications, email is the way to reach me. Upon passing screening, we can switch to texting from there. Because of the extensive time phone calls take, I only do them after we have met once.

Q: Are you Fetish Friendly?

Absolutely I am Fetish Friendly and do not be afraid to share those secrets with me. I would need to know your exact desires before our session. Some fetishes, do require preparation/props etc, and fees may apply.

Q: What if I need to cancel? 

I go through much planning to be available to you at your request and  I do prefer that you wait until you are 100% commited to seeing me to avoid any cancellations. Cancellations 48 hours before our date are granted one reschedule with full pre-payment for our date required. Cancellations made at or after the 24 hour mark require a 25% cancellation fee. By contacting me for an appointment, you are agreeing to my cancellation policy.

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